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Live in BLISS | 7 Ways to Bring Pure Happiness Into Your Life

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Live in BLISS | 7 Ways to Bring Pure Happiness Into Your Life

The sanskrit word ananda translates to bliss: extreme happiness. Bliss is a place within all of us, a warm burst of pure light that reminds us why we're alive; a sensation that quells fear and hurt; an emotional gift to continually offer ourselves and share with our loved ones.

Taking time to feel our bliss is the best way to live a more inspired, positive life each day. Like any offering, take from this list what resonates with you and leave behind what doesn't. We bet that by after a few you'll be blissing! 

1. Move Your Body.

Yes, energy is always moving, but sometimes it just needs a good shake up to restore the vibration you're seeking. Wiggle, dance, run, jump, stretch, thrash, skip, hula... whatever! A good shakedown can dust off stagnant energy and remind you of the lightness that is bliss.

2. Pay It Forward.

When we do amazing things for other people we always receive that same sensation: amazingness! One of the most candid forms of pure happiness comes from giving that to others.

3. Breathe.

One of the most simple and rewarding things we can do as a human is breathe. Bringing consciousness to this natural rhythm reminds us to slow down and bask in stillness. With a slow, steady breath, anxious and limiting thoughts melt away; with each deeper breath we fill ourselves with joy. Bring the intention of bliss to your breath and see how deep you can fall.

4. Scrub Something.

Clutter blocks our bliss. When our space is scattered, generally we are too. In this world of constant distraction, it is important to take the time and give what we CAN control a good scrub. Like a moving meditation, put the intention of clarity and joy into every inch of countertop you commit to!

5. Get Outside.

Nature is a force way greater than us. Sometimes we need that simple but blatant reminder that the world is freaking beautiful! Have you been spending too much time cooped up? Often a stroll through the trees or an afternoon in the garden can renew our bliss.

girl in pure bliss

6. Blast Your Favourite Music.

Like movement, music is a vibration that can stir up the BEST emotions. If you're looking to bliss out, hit play on your go-to playlist and absorb its goodness into your body. Bonus bliss points for coupling this with your best dance moves or favourite exercise!

7. Create Something. 

Often times we can get "too busy" or distracted with life to utilize the creativity that lives in all of us. Sometimes we forget its even there. Look around your home - we bet there's something you can paint, up-cycle, make-over or collage. Or perhaps you revert back to step 4 and de-clutter! 

Adorn yourself with ananda with a piece from our Ancient Invocations collection. May you continue to set the intention of bliss and feel its power in your life!

Live in BLISS!