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May's Flower Moon Magic

Ways to unleash your inner spring Goddess during this months Flower Full Moon & details on our upcoming Moonstone Sale!

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Operation Eyesight Pendant

Launching this November, the labradorite eye pendant comes in gold and silver, with 100% of net profits donated to help further Operation Eyesight's efforts! Help us eliminate avoidable blindness in rural Rajasthan, where Saraswati jewelry is made with every purchase!

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The 4 Elements Collection

Symbiosis through solidity, flow, heat + motion. Cascading gemstone earrings and fine ornate bracelets guided and inspired by the four elements of nature: Earth, Fire, Water, Air.  


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Honeybee x Rose Quartz

Our beloved Honeybee Collection now has a new friend: Rose Quartz. A stone for activating the heart chakra, and transmitting energies of love, compassion, harmony and healing, it radiated its way into the HONEYBEE collection.

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Shinrin Yoku, the Japanese ritual of "Forest Bathing"

The pleasure of spending time in the forest seems intuitive, but recent research has shown that the benefits of spending time in nature are tangible. Today we explore this beautiful Japanese practice, a powerful way to reclaim your mind, body, and place in the environment.  

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