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About Us


The Hindu Goddess of knowledge, music, and the arts. Mother of the ancient Vedic scriptures, her connection to water is part of the enigma that surrounds her. “The flow of knowledge is alluring, like a beautiful woman."


We are a handcrafted jewellery line founded in 2010 with the mission of connecting the wearer to spirit. Of Indian & African ancestry, our designer Sabrina Siponen indulges in the vibrant customs of her heritage while immersing herself in the natural landscapes of her birthplace, Canada. From this experience, Saraswati Designs emerged. Divine adornment for the modern goddess is conceptualized each season through meaningfully curated collections.


Ethically sourced and created in both India and Edmonton, our jewellery is designed in sterling silver with gold plating, and brass combined with a variety of semi-precious stones. Sabrina works closely with the craftspeople in India, ensuring each piece is grounded with the intention of bringing personal significance and symbolic sentiment to our clients to last a lifetime. 


Through Saraswati’s evolution, our continued aspiration is for you to find a piece that resonates with your spirit, which you will wear and treasure every single day.


Sabrina Siponen - Designer

As a child, gazing up at her aunts on one of their giant beds, marvelling over the gold jewelry acquired from the East, her love affair began. One by one, each treasure was passed around the circle with a reverence. Since 2010, this spirit is captured by mixing eastern concepts with clean lines, to create purposeful pieces of wearable art. The intention is to create treasured pieces that resonate with the spirit.