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Daily Inspiration I The Lotus Flower

Posted on August 27, 2014


The lotus flower’s beauty is encapsulating. It has become a constant inspiration behind our collections because of its beauty as well as its observation and adornment by three ancient civilizations: Egyptians, Buddhists and Hinduism.


To ancient Egyptians the Lotus is associated with rebirth, due to the fact that is retracts into the water each night, to re-emerge a fresh bloom in the sun each day. 


In Buddhism the lotus flower is linked to purity, spiritual awakening and faithfulness. The flower is known to represent purity because of its ability to grow from muddy waters and remain perfectly clean and white.  By its persistence to break into bloom each morning, it has also been associated with spiritual enlightenment.



The strongest association of the lotus flower in religion is observed in Hinduism, representing beauty, fertility, prosperity, spirituality, and eternity.  It ties the unopened buds to human traits, which represent a human soul that is able to open itself up to divine truth and knowledge.


Lotus color symbolism:


Blue: wisdom, intelligence and knowledge


Purple: Mysticism 


White: Mental purity and awakening


Pink: Is considered the supreme lotus, and is the true lotus of Buddha.


Red: Love and compassion