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BLOOM 2.0 is a yoga, music and inspirational speaker event created to inspire, connect and celebrate LIFE. Saraswati Designs would like to welcome you to be a part of this incredible event this year from October 3-5 in Edmonton. We are so excited to share our locally designed, handcrafted jewelry with this dynamic community.


Opening Gala at the Muttart Conservatory, with raw food, meditation in a glass temperate pyramid and a pranamaya session in the tropical rainforest pyramid, with talks, raw food and music by DJ Drez to follow!


Some examples of the amazing events this year at BLOOM are:

  • Radiant mind, body of bliss, Taught by Rameen Peyrow

  • Mantra, Beats and Meditations with MC Yogi, Amanda Giacomini & DJ Drez

  • Desire Map: An evening with Danielle Laporte.

Saraswati designs has hand picked three pieces that are symbolic of peace and personal empowerment: Seed of Life, Sri Yanta and the Flower of Life to take with you on your journey beyond your experiences at BLOOM as a constant reminder.



Our Seed of Life necklaces and bracelets contain ancient value, depicting the fundamental forms of space and time. This sacred symbol helps to create new pathways in life and connect to the consciousness and balance of sacred geometry.



Our necklace Sri Yantra is a visual representation of the sound OM, from the yogic tradition. Comprised of interlocking triangles, the center point represents the beginning of creation. Together these 43 triangles form a symbolic web of the entire cosmos. Use in meditation to gain insight into the nature of existence and to enhance your personal peace, empowerment and prosperity.



The Flower of Life is another symbol of sacred geometry depicting the forms of space and time. It has been discovered in many ancient sites throughout many cultures such as the Temple of Osiris in Egypt, the Golden Temple in India, and the Forbidden city in China.


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Saraswati looks forward to being a part of your experience at BLOOM 2.0 this October.