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Victory Necklace x David Wolfe European Tour

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David Wolfe, the Health, Eco, Nutrition, and Natural Beauty Expert is kicking off his European Tour in 6 beautiful countries to spread his expert advice on health, beauty, herbalism, nutrition! 

Two amazing women by his side are Krystyna McMillan & Morgan Bohm who have made sure to pack their Saraswati "Victory" necklaces on their incredible journey. 


Left: Morgan in the rose quartz Right: Krystyna with labradorite 

The Victory necklace is a 
6 sided pencil cut gemstone that comes in: quartz, rose quartz,
labradorite, amethyst and lapis lazuli.
It is set in brass and
suspended with a sword on a 32 inch hand-made chain.
Each piece is hand-made & unique. 
Size, colour & clarity will vary for each stone.


More about the girls who help make it all happen: 


Krystyna McMillan – Sales Director

"Special Agent Robipsky, First class, has been working with David since 2010
Her superpowers include ordering the right kinds and amounts of superfoods to be sold at events.
She also handles schedules, transports and everything else needed to make an operation run smoothly.
Without her, things would go down under very quickly. And I don’t mean Australia…
(Even though she was on the Australian tour in 2013 and did an excellent job on that tour as well)" 


Morgan Bohm – Support Specialist

"Morgan is a true multitasking maverick. She picks up whatever the other members leave behind. And we don’t mean the trash… Morgan helps out in all tasks needed to run a successful tour. In addition to being very effective and efficient, Morgan is also incredibly fun to be around. She is known to crack a few jokes here and there, that always amuses and raises the vibration… <3"


Tour Schedule

16 & 19.10 - Reykjavik, Iceland 
26.10 - London, England
31.10 - 2.11 - Oslo, Norway
9.11 - Helsinki, Finland
16.11 - Amsterdam, Holland
21-22.11 - Barcelona, Spain


Follow this link for more information on the tour:
Learn more about David Wolfe here:


Tag us with your travel photos if your wearing Saraswati around the world @saraswatidesign!