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Bare Branches

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Winter is upon us and the leaves have been replaced with frost, revealing the true beauty of the bare branches and their beautiful energy.

The spiritual symbol of the tree of life is one that is deeply rooted in the earth, with the branches reaching toward the sky. It begins with the sprouting seed, that grows into a trunk and eventually begins to branch off and climb towards the light, symbolizing that you are a child of the earth; your roots link you to your past, your branches are your aspirations and desires.

We designed our Twig collection to carry the meaning that all trees are unique. They thrive as they grow and change, stay standing strong through storms and harsh weather, yet they age beautifully and gracefully. Like the trees, we are all one because we are the same, but become our own unique self. Branches show where we come from and who comes from us.

Wear our twig collection as a reminder that you are deeply rooted, but always growing and changing. And take a moment to revel in the beauty of the frost covered tree branches that are all around us this winter.


Twig Bracelets in sterling silver or brass. 


Twig earrings earrings in brushed brass. 





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Holding light, sculpting treasures. Sacred adornment for the nouveau bohemian. Canadian designed, handcrafted jewelry. Saraswati handcrafted jewelry is locally designed in Edmonton, Canada.