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Earth Angels

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Angels are symbolic of divine awareness, purity, love, protection and illumination. They bring communication between higher and lower energies, which many know to be between God and man, or heaven and earth. Angels are the channel to facilitate communication between you and your own interpretation of the divine.

At Saraswati Designs, we love the symbolism of the angel's wing in particular because they convey the higher evolution of the soul and realms of existence.



Many people believe that angels come into their lives for a reason. Whether that angel is in human form or an energy, they come to guide and comfort us. Which is why we have designed our Angel collection created with a graceful wing shape. Wear it as a reminder that you are not ever alone, or gift it to someone who needs that message. 



Angel Wing earrings, sloped to frame the jawline perfectly.




Angel Wing cuff bracelet in sterling silver 



Angel Wing Necklace in Brass 


Shop the entire collection here: SaraswatiAngelCollection


Holding light, sculpting treasures. Sacred adornment for the nouveau bohemian. Canadian designed, handcrafted jewelry. Saraswati handcrafted jewelry is locally designed in Edmonton, Canada.