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Winter 'Noorish'ment

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This week, reality hit hard and the extreme cold weather certainly didn't help to ease the pain of the detox from the overindulgent holiday season. So with all the talk of the New Year and new beginnings, we wanted to walk the walk! We were feeling like we needed some nourishment for our body and soul to boost our spirits, so we went to visit Noorish, one of our local stockists in Edmonton, who is also a conscious eatery and yoga studio!!

After taking a much needed yoga session we treated ourselves and shared some of their incredible superfood elixirs and could begin to feel more mentally and physically balancedWe absolutely love the bohemian decor and vibe at Noorish, with its eclectic crowd and old world charm, so of course we took the chance to take some photos with some of our Saraswati favourites from the store! We hope you enjoy, and if you are in the Edmonton area make sure you check out Noorish for live music, a yoga class, workshop, superfood lunch or a unique gift! 

Elixer: Satisfy your chocolate craving with a potent blend of mineral-rich cacao, heart-opening rose petals and Peruvian maca to invogorate your sensual side!

Rings from left to right: Double band midi, Grace in Turquoise, Suzie Midi and the Feather Midi

Lotus Necklace, Jaya cuff bracelet, Muse filigree ring, Grace in Turquoise, and Nicki Midi

Rings from left to right: Grace in Labradorite, Nymph, Feather Midi, Nicki Midi, and Cupids Kiss

Left hand: Anar, Feather, and Double band midi

Right Hand: Same as above

Elixer: Energizing yet grounding, balancing yin and yang. A fusion of chai, chaga mushroom tea and maca to lift adrenals and keep spirits high. Blended with vanilla bean cashew cream! 

Rings from left to right: Chandra, Selene, and Lakshmi

Same as above

Thanks for having us Sheniz!

Ps - we love your Hamsa necklace ;) 

Stay warm this week and do something to Nourish your body, mind and soul.