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Hamsa Hand

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The Hamsa hand of Fatima 

The hamsa hand is an ancient symbol of divine protection against the stare of an evil eye, but also represents blessings, power and strength. Hamsas usually contain an eye symbol in the palm to ward off the illness, death and unluckiness. 

 The hamsa hand has always been associated with a female entity offering protection from evil and misfortune and archaeologists have found evidence that the hamsa hand was used as a protective symbol for an ancient Middle Eastern goddess even before the beginnings of Islam and Judiasm religions. Lately we have seen a surge in the popularity of the evil eye in jewelry and bohemian fashion and we love to design pieces with deeper meanings and connections to old world traditions. 

The Saraswati Hamsa necklace is intricate and ornate with a 4 cm brass pendant, a turquoise stone and a 37 inch brass chain.


For this look we layered the hamsa with our seed of life necklace and intuition necklace & moonstone rings.



We suggest pairing it with our turquoise stud earrings

These pieces are available in select retail locations or in our online shop!