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Posted on February 11, 2015

Today we played with layering necklaces and put together looks that are perfect for any festival, getaway or grey day in the city to brighten and inspire your spirit. 

We design all our pieces to fit together in unique ways so you can get creative with layering and make your own individual style.

Adorn your body and inspire your mind with ancient symbols of yogic tradition, sacred geometry and goddesses… & see what we put together this week!

Sat Chit Ananda necklace with sacred geometry Sri Yantra necklace.


Lotus necklace with Athena arrow necklace and Hamsa hand.

Chandra moon stud earrings 

Turning your necklaces around to face the back is an awesome way to enhance a backless top, dress or bathing suit for a romantic bohemian look.


Chandra moon necklace with Victory necklace in rose quartz