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‘Om’ is from Sanskrit language and is the most well known and sacred mantra. Practice this meditation in the morning for expressing the ‘original vibration of manifestation’. In order to enter the deep meditative state, focus on that ultimate silence which produces and absorbs the sound. Allow it to comfort and relax your soul, gain insight into the nature of existence and enhance personal peace, empowerment & prosperity.

Using mantras in the morning helps set the tone for how you will view and respond to the world around you throughout your day. Morning Mantras set an intention for where you will focus your mind and energy and empower you to maintain that mindset.

From the yogic tradition, the Sri Yantra collection is the visual representation of the sound OM.

Comprised of interlocking triangles, the center point represents the beginning of creation; upward triangles embody the male force, Shiva while downward triangles depict Shakti, the female force. Together these 43 triangles form a symbolic web of the entire cosmos.