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Natural Beauty | 4 Ways to Freshen Your Home + Beauty Regime for Spring!

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You don't have to wait for the weather outside to cooperate! Freshen up and bring the fresh floral and botanical scents of spring into your beauty regime or home now with these natural products. Spring is about renewal; it's a time to change your wardrobe, re arrange your furniture and tackle projects you've been meaning to get around to. So brighten your mood and revitalize your spirits with bold citrus and floral scents with these ideas that will have your spirits blooming!

1) Rose Water Mist

The natural floral aromatic experience of rose is an instant mood and romance booster. Spritz rose water on your face for extra hydration and bring out your skins natural glow. To make it yourself, simply pour boiling water over fresh rose petals and strain when cool. (Use 1 part rose petals 2 part water ratio.) Pour into a sterilized glass spray bottle and keep in the fridge for up to a month! 

2) Essential Oil Room & Body Spray 

Combine fresh and floral essential oils to spritz as a natural perfume or room enhancer. For a burst of spring freshness, we love light floral scents like geranium, jasmine or juniper & energizing citrus scents like lime, grapefruit and mint or basil are uplifting even if Mother Nature isn't. By making your own you can create your own custom scents, as well as control all the ingredients and quality! Start with a dark glass bottle, add pure jojoba oil and slowly begin to add drops off your essential oils until you build a scent that you are happy with! (We love lime and basil!) 

3) Body Oils

Say goodbye to thick and heavy lotions that have to many unknown ingredients on the label and replace them with simpler more natural body oils. They are lightweight and absorb quickly into your skin giving you a fresh and dewy summer glow, while leaving your hair and skin nourished and moisturized. To make them yourself, visit your local health food store and pick up certified natural oils  Like jojoba, avocado, sunflower, tamanu or coconut oil and beautify the natural way! 

4) Fresh Flowers 

Buy fresh flowers! Having fresh blooms in your home has been found to bring a boost of energy and happiness in your home or workspace. So head to the market and get our your favourite vase and perk up your morning coffee for a positive start to your day!