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Karma Cleanse | 7 Ways To Create Good Karma

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Creating good Karma is about putting out good energy, so that it may come back to you. The same goes for negative energy – so be conscious of what you are putting out there – what goes around comes around. Creating good Karma is about trying your best to be a good person. SO don’t allow yourself to live your life on autopilot & be aware that you are in control of creating your own beautiful reality.


Here are 7 ways to create good Karma


1) Make eye contact, say hello or offer a smile to everyone you cross paths with, have no attachment to any negative reactions. Smiles are contagious - plus you never know who may need one. 


2) Pick up any litter around your house or workplace. Take in some fresh air and acknowledge the magnificent Mother Earth. Try to pick up a piece of litter every day if you can!


3) If you see someone who needs a helping hand –  offer them help. Even if it is something small like holding a door open for somebody. Don’t tune out the world around you, be aware of the people around you – you could make a lasting impression on their lives. 


4) Appreciate nature. Take a moment to notice the smell of freshly cut grass, watch the sunrise, feel the breeze or listen to the rain fall. Everything around us is alive and beautiful!


5) Start your morning in a great mood. Don’t allow yourself to let little things ruin your day - including road rage! Repeat a morning mantra and set the intention of your day. Never lose sight of the big picture.


6) Spread some love. Tell someone in your life something beautiful about them to lift them up – it can be your houseplant or beloved pet. Just make it honest and sincere.


7) Tell the truth. Being honest attracts other genuine and honest people into your life. Lying starts to become exhausting when you have to keep up with it all. Let it go, don’t be afraid to be authentic and speak the truth.