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Create Your Own Sacred Space

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Creating a sacred space is ideal for enhancing your yoga or meditation practice, or to establish a calming physical surrounding that will bring you to a more relaxed state of mind when you are in your home. You can easily design a unique, calm and beautiful area almost anywhere!


Here are some things to consider to creating your own sanctuary:


 - Choose your space carefully. It can be an entire room, a garden space, or even a small nook or corner, just be sure to keep it devoted to calming and relaxing your body and mind.

 - Remember that your sacred space is meant to help you relax so do not make it overly distracting or cluttered. Decorate it very carefully, only choosing things that will help you truly relax.

 - Consider comfortable mats or pillows that will be comfortable for your yoga or meditation practice or even just sitting quietly for around 20 minutes.

 - Create a focal point or small altar to display items that inspire you, help you connect deeper to yourself or bring you to a more meditative state. Some decorations that create a tranquil environment can be: fresh flowers, plants, candles, water fountains, sacred geometry, incense or essential oil diffusers, quotes, or crystals and gemstones.

 - Keep it simple. Your space can change or evolve with time or the seasons. Just always be mindful to choose things that feed your soul or enhance your peace of mind.


Here are some sacred spaces (we LOVE), to get you inspired!


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