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SUMMER SOLSTICE SALE | 30% OFF Entire Online Store!

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Sale off entire Saraswati online store: June 17 - 21 2015! 



The Midsummer Solstice, also referred to as "litha" is the longest day of the year, and falls around June 21st. It is a time to celebrate emerging out of the darkness of winter and coming into the light. It is a time of awakening, and a time to set new intentions for the season ahead. 


Midsummer is the time of the year when the sun is at its highest point, which creates the longest day of the year. The light of day is symbolic of the light of consciousness - that which you can see directly.

There are many ways to celebrate this time of awakening, and one that we love is a fire ritual. It helps to connect your energy towards a conscious purpose. Here are the steps to begin your very own fire ritual: 

1) Create a sacred space to set your fire: It can be outdoors with a fire pit, or indoors with a fire place or candle. 

2) Set your intention for the future:  What things do you need to throw into the flames of transformation? Ask yourself questions about what you wish to work on internally. Ex. Is there anything you have been avoiding? 

3) Create something that materializes your intention: A drawing, a painting, magazine clippings that visualize your goal - anything physical that you can burn in the flame.

4) Once your fire is lit, focus on the things that block you from conscious development: Slow down your breath and close your eyes if you like.

5) Toss your intentions into the flame, along with any herbs, flowers or wood that you wish: watch the smoke as it dissipates and visualize your goals being achieved. 

6) Close your ceremony with a ritual: drink wine, toast the sun as it goes down or dance by the fire as you picture your end goals. Keep a sacred reminder with you during the ceremony, and at all times afterward, to remind you of your intentions and keep you on your path. 


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