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Look Up: The Moon Is Putting On A Beautiful Show This Weekend

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This weekend has a special treat in store for us! Gaze up at the sky Sunday night (September 27th) and watch a total lunar eclipse share the stage with a supermoon. 

The full eclipse is expected to last more than an hour and, weather permitting, should be visible from most parts of the world, including North and South America, Europe, Africa and western Asia. This combination is rare and won't happen again until 2033.  

The force of the moon

Chandra is the Sanskrit word for the moon: a force that controls the tides, the waters and the seasons. Chandra also represents feminine intuition and helps raise our inner level of consciousness. It helps us feel, perceive and understand the world in a subtle and gentle way.  

We've channeled the power of the moon into some of our designs.

The Chandra ring in sterling silver. The sterling silver crescent moon ring is one of the oldest symbols known to humanity, supporting new beginnings and catalyzing dreams into reality.


The Moonstone studs: an easy, everyday go-to stud earring with moonstone set in sterling silver. Moonstone is a stone of destiny, connecting you with the energy of the moon and the divine feminine. Read more about moonstone here


The Chandra necklace: handcrafted, sterling silver pendant.    


The Manifest ring: a powerful and bold statement piece. Turn heads with four moonstones set in brass.


The Grace studs: shimmering and faceted, checker-cut moonstone in a scalloped brass setting. Also check out the Grace ring


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