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For the Love of Hexagons | The Honeybee Collection 🐝

Posted on July 07, 2016


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Our geometric, hand-crafted honeycomb pieces with beautiful semi-precious stones are available in store now! 

Launch into new beginnings with moonstone, transform with labradorite, or stay grounded and balanced with lapis lazuli.

The Number Six

Apart from providing a place for the busy bee to store its honey, the hexagon has symbolic meaning. The number six signifies four key things: love, communication, balance, and union. While the hive represents the home and family living, the bee itself is a symbol of a loving family, harmony, and stability within the domestic unit.

The next time you notice a bee buzzing around you, take a moment to reflect on your own inner garden: Are you nurturing it? Growing it? Protecting it from harm?

Open your heart, remember to feel your emotions fully, and feed your dreams. 

These beautiful pieces will remind you to do so.

Honeybee Studs & Earrings



Honeybee studs (pictured here in moonstone). 


Honeybee drop earrings in labradorite.


Honeybee drop earrings in lapis lazuli.

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Honeybee Rings



Honeybee ring in lapis lazuli (ring finger).  


Honeybee rings (from left to right in labradorite, moonstone, and lapis lazuli).

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Always feed your dreams. xo