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Our Summer Bucket List

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At the beginning of summer did you have a big list of things you wanted to conquer?

Now that August is creeping up, the feeling that summer is almost over is igniting our spirit to cross off some adventures from our bucket list. So whether you have a day, or a week free - fill your days with summery indulgences and cherish these long sunny days and nights. 

Here is our summer bucket list!


1) Take a Hike 

To explore nature and just be. 


2) Sunset Yoga

To take advantage of the late sunsets for a relaxing yoga session outdoors while the sun goes down. Bliss. 



3) Light a Fire 

To smell a campfire in a beautiful place and watch the flames dance into the night air. 


4) Take a Road Trip 

To travel somewhere new, with friends, to our favourite summer playlists. 


5) Shop at a Local Farmers Market 

To fill up a cart with ripe fruit, veggies, herbs and flowers. 


6) Go on a Canoe Trip 

To take in the beautiful outdoors in slow motion.


7) Have a Picnic in a Park 

To spend some quality time outdoors with good food and good friends.



8) Make Brazilian Lemonade 

We still haven't tried Brazilian lemonade yet, but we are told it is summer in a glass!


9) Visit a Strawberry Farm 

To eat as much as we take home ;) 


10) Go to a Museum 

To never stop learning.  


Love every moment! xx