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Ways To Restore Your Creative Energy

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If you’re a creative person, sometimes you can feel like your day job is sucking the life out of your creative energy. We know that energy is sacred, so if you can’t quit your day job because you need to pay for school, a roof over your head or food in your belly, here are some ways to restore your creative flow when your feeling depleted.


1) Recognize where your energy is going.

It’s important not to waste anytime focusing your energy on negativity or things you simply cannot change. So rather than obsessing over negative news stories, thinking of ways to get back at your loud neighbor or harboring resentment towards an ex lover, stop giving your energy to activities that do not help you realize your dream. Analyze where your energy is going, and choose to dedicate it to things that advance your happiness. Use your energy when you get home from work on things that truly nourish and fulfill you.


2) Take time to rest and relax.

Now more than ever there is an attitude that one must always be “pushing hard” to achieve your dreams. And although this is meant to be motivating and positive, sometimes overworking and over committing yourself, can cause you to put off your creative endeavors or begin to view them as a chore. Coming home after a long days work and trying to create, write or paint can feel forced and doesn’t energize your spirit creatively. So rather than exhausting your energy, take time to rest and relax after a long day of mental exertion. Allow yourself downtime to recharge your energy so you can come back excited to work on a project, not drained by deadlines you have assigned yourself. Letting your brain disengage can give it what it needs to get your creative energy back.


3) Read or Watch Something New

When you are searching for your creative spark, read or watch something inspiring even outside of your field. Wander around a bookstore, watch some Ted Talks, or just sit and observe life!


These are some things that have majorly helped us to overcome some of our creative roadblocks. We hope we have sparked you with some ideas to help you guard your energy and channel it in the direction of realizing your dreams!



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