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5 Tips For Dressing Up Your Favourite White T-Shirt

Posted on August 13, 2015

The staple white tee is in the same category as the always-in-style blue jean and effortlessly chic leather jacket, but finding that perfect white tee isn’t easy. It’s either too tight, too loose, too short, too long or everyone’s personal favourite, too transparent.

You’ve managed to fight your way through years of disappointing white tees until, finally, you've come across that one rare gem that checks all of your white tee boxes.

Now what?

We’ve got your covered with our personal collection of great tips for taking that staple white tee from everyday plain to Vogue-worthy.

Tip #1: Up your scarf game.

Scarves are a great way to accessorize a plain white tee without being overbearing. Experiment with tying your scarf in different ways to switch up the look.

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Tip #2: Layer it on.

You can layer that white tee with a wool cardigan, a leather vest or whatever you happen to have kicking around your closet. Try it with a jean vest as well or, for the even more daring among you, pair it with some fur.

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Tip #3: Knotty but nice.

Instead of simply wearing your white tee as is, why not give it a little character with a simple knot? Tie it in the front, to the side or even on your back for an immediate style makeover.

Pssst…if you’re having issues tying the knot, use a clear elastic band to do the job for you. We won’t tell.  

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Tip #4: Tuck it in.

If the knot is giving you too much trouble but you still want to give that white tee some edge, try tucking part of it into your pants, skirt, shorts or whatever else you’ve got adoring your legs. Tuck it in the front, off to the side or even in the back if you’re feeling particularly adventurous.

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Tip #5: All about that bling.

Last but not least, our favourite tip. Because a white tee (or any simple white shirt for that matter) is such a classic and provides a neutral background, you can easily bedazzle it with your favourite jewelry. We’ve chosen to layer our Intuition, Seed of Life and Hamsa necklaces and added a number of rings from our collection for that final hippie touch.

Whoever said a white tee had to be boring?



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